Northern ENCS Program

Canada’s North is experiencing unprecedented rates of change in environmental and socio economic conditions, due to climate change, new governance structures, and accelerated industrial and infrastructure development, among other factors. These create many challenges for northern communities, for management of northern resources, and for maintenance of northern values. There is a need to invest in capacity-building among northerners to respond to the rapid environmental and social changes affecting the North.  Specifically, there is a need to provide northerners with access to advanced education and training, particularly with respect to content and delivery that is socially and ecologically relevant.

In 2009, Yukon University and the University of Alberta established a cooperative working relationship to offer students in northern Canada increased access to post-secondary learning opportunities in or near their home communities, through delivery of a Bachelor of Science in Environmental and Conservation Sciences degree program at Yukon University and accredited through the University of Alberta.  The Northern ENCS Program resulted in the development of a new major in Northern Systems that was approved by the Government of Alberta for implementation effective September 2013.  This partnership has since expanded to include more options for students from University of Alberta in Edmonton to come to Yukon University and experience the Yukon, through the Semester in the North program, and three Yukon-based field schools.


Northern Exposure | Fall Field Course

Learn About the North, in the North

Field Courses in 2023

The Winter course will be from February 16 to February 26th, the Summer course will be from August 20th to September 1st, and the Fall course will be from November 10th to November 19th.

For more info/registration, contact:
Gabriel Rivest;